Uploaded Document Is Blurry

If you notice that your PDF appears to be slightly less-clear when it's uploaded to our website, this is usually because when you get to address outline page, our website simply provides a sample image of the first page of your document, that way you can see where the addresses boxes need to be drawn.

This is just a preview, and the image we present shows it in a slightly lower quality than the document itself. Rest assured that's not how we're going to print it out. The proofs are a much more accurate representation to how the documents will look once printed, so we encourage you to continue through the job building process and then review the proofs to ensure you're happy with the quality.

Here is an example of addresses that appear on a document (shown in Adobe) compared to our preview:

You can see that our preview is indeed a lower quality, but again, this is simply showing a preview of your document and not what will be produced.

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