Schedule a Job to Mail on a Specific Date

There are a few ways to send letters on a specific date.

If you want your mailing(s) to go out the fastest way possible, you should choose the expedite or rush options in the shopping cart.

However, if you want your mailing to go out on a specific day then you'll want to use the Scheduling a Mailing option.  When you schedule a mailing you are basically telling us to process your order, but to hold onto it until a specific date and then put it in the mail on that day.

To schedule your mailing for a future date, simply click on EDIT under the Options menu on the Job List page.  From the menu, choose Change Schedule Date, enter a date and then click save.  We will make sure your mail gets sent on the day you need it to.

Important:  This option only works for dates that are 2 business days out or further.  For anything faster than that you'll need to use the expedite or rush options.  Additionally, we process scheduled jobs quickly too, even though they will mail at a later date.  Sometimes customers think they can change or delete a scheduled job because it is scheduled way out into the future.  However, if it has already been approved, printing and shredding fees will probably be charged if you need to delete the job.

Here is a list of some great reasons to use it this option:

1) You can be on vacation or away from a computer the day you need your mailing to go out.
2.) You can break up a large mailing if you don't want everyone to get their letters all at once because it could overwhelm your call center and/or office staff.

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