Can I reduce the amount of invoices I receive?

Whenever you send a mailing through LetterStream, you will receive an invoice for every individual job you send.

If you would like to reduce the amount of invoices you receive, a common solution is to combine jobs together.  (***In order to do this, the jobs you are combining must be identical job types, and the documents that are being uploaded have to have the same amount of pages***).

This can be accomplished using software such as AdobePro or PrimoPDF.  You also have the ability to do this in your LetterStream account.

Here is how you can combine/merge documents in your account:

First, log into your account and click the 'My Account' tab on the navigation bar.  Then click the link that says 'PDF Tools'.  On the left hand side of this page there is a tool called 'Join Multiple PDFs', which is what you will need to use.

From here:

1.  Click 'Browse' and select the first PDF
2.  Repeat step 1 until you have included all of the PDFs that you would like to merge together (make sure to upload the PDF's in the order you want them to appear in the mailing)
3.  If your PDF has an odd page count (more than 1 page), then select the option that says "Add blank pages to end of each document for duplexing"
4.  Click 'Merge Files'
5.  Save the PDF to your computer

If you decided that you would like to remove one or more of the PDF's that were uploaded, simply click the red 'x' next to the corresponding PDF.  Again, whatever the order of the PDF's show as on this screen is the order they will appear when they are merged together.

You will now see a new PDF that has all of your documents merged into one file.

Use this file when you build your job on the LetterStream website.  Since you have now merged multiple jobs together, you will only receive one invoice from us for all of those jobs.

Please keep in mind that the use of this tool (as well as all of the other PDF tools that we offer) are to be used at your own discretion - even if they are not being used for your LetterStream jobs.

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