Proofing Your Mailings

When creating a mailing, it is important to always view a few proofs before approving it.  Viewing a proof allows you to see the final product as a whole, view the order that the documents were uploaded in, and verify the content on the pages(s).  We attempt to emphasize this as being one of the most important steps during the job building process and is one of a few different measures we require our customers to take to ensure their job is perfect and that everything is exactly how you want it to be when delivered to the recipient(s).

The page that this option is on is the 'Recipient Review' page, which is the page you are directed to after the 'Review Inserts' Page.  You will know that you are on the correct page if you see a list of your recipient(s) in the mailing.

To the very right of each individual recipient line you will see a blue button that says 'VIEW'.  Click that, and a pop up window will appear that shows your mailing in the exact order of which it will be inserted and mailed.  We recommend that you view at least one proof at the beginning, in the middle, and towards the end of your recipient list.

NOTE:  You will see in your proof that there is a 'LetterStream' watermark in the background.  This will appear within your proof only until your mailing is paid for and submitted to us, then it will go away.

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