Proofing Your Mailings

When creating a mailing it is important to always view a few proofs prior to approval. 

Viewing the proof allows you to see the final product as a whole to verify that everything looks exactly as you wish to send out.  Actually, we require that you review at least one proof for each job you create. 

The proof option is on the Job Recipient List/Review page, which is the page you are directed to after the 'Review Inserts' Page.  You will know that you are on the correct page if you see a list of your recipient(s) in the mailing.

To the very right of each individual recipient line, you will see a blue button that says 'VIEW'.  Click that, and a pop-up window will appear that shows your mailing in the exact order in which it will be inserted and mailed.  We recommend that you view at least one proof at the beginning, in the middle, and towards the end of your recipient list. 

Unable to review your job proofs?

Gah, sorry if you aren't able to view your proofs!  Sometimes that can happen based on the browser or settings you may using, but there are workarounds!

First, at the top of the proof screen there should be a link that says "trouble viewing? click here". This should open the proof in a new tab.

If not, please log into your LetterStream account by using a different browser to see if that does the trick. For example, if you're currently using Safari, maybe try Firefox or Google Chrome. The other thing you could try is logging in on a different computer altogether to see if that behaves differently.

If you continue to experience issues please feel free to contact our support team.

NOTE:  You will see in your proof that there is a 'LetterStream' watermark in the background.  This will show on your proofs until your mailing is paid for, then it will go away.

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