How do I upload an address file?

In order to attach or upload an address file to your mailing, you simply need a file that is saved from Excel as a "CSV" file.  There are a couple of options when saving your file as a "CSV" file.  The option you want to select specifically says "CSV (comma delimited)" within Excel when you click "save as".

The excel file should contain recipient information and be structure with basic rows and columns.  The columns should have headers similar to these standard headers "First Name, Last Name, Address, Address2, City, State, Zip".  It's okay if they are not labeled that exactly, as our system will give you the option to map out what information your column represents so that our system knows exactly what information is contained in that particular column.

Then, on the screen where you name your job you will be prompted to attach your mailing list (also known as your data file).

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