How do I view my invoice?

To obtain the invoice for your mailing(s), you can follow these easy instructions:

1.  Log into you LetterStream account
2.  Hover over the "My Jobs" button in the top navigation bar and select the "View My Job List" option (If that option does not appear, you are already on the screen)
3.  Scroll down the page and locate your mailings.

The link to view the invoices for your mailings will be to the right of each mailing.  If you have mailings under the "Action Required" section, the link will be the word "view" and it will be red text.  If you have mailings under the "Mailing Complete" section, the link will be in the same place but it will say "paid" and will be green text.

Simply click on these links to view the invoice associated with that particular mailing.

From there you can save the file, print it, or just simply view it.

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