Stapling Documents Together

If you would like to staple pages together, you can select one of our "flats" job types (like "express flats" or "express flats (certified)" and the option to staple one or more inserts will be available for you.  Unfortunately, we cannot put stapled sets inside of a standard business size (#10) envelope.  

To select this option, click the 'add a document' option on the "job inserts - review" page, and then upload your file.  

Within the pop-up menu, select the options to reflect how you want that particular insert to be printed, and at the bottom, you will see the "staple set?" option.  Click the box next to this, and that will tell us to staple that particular set of pages.  

This ONLY affects the pages within this given insert and none of the other inserts.  

If you have multiple document sets, you will need to click this for each upload to have them each stapled, each document set will get a staple but they will not be grouped together.  

If you need all of your sets stapled together into one document set you should combine all of your documents into a single pdf before you load it to our website.

Stapled sets are charged at $.05 (5 cents) per sheet of paper in the stapled set.

If you forgot to click the "staple sets?" option, don't sweat it.  You can simply locate the thumbnail for that insert and then click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the thumbnail and that will give you the staple option as well.

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