Stapling Documents Together

If you would like to staple pages together, you will need to select the large flat envelope option, which can be found by logging into your LetterStream account, clicking on Send Letter(s), and then clicking here:

The staple set option will be available when uploading the documents on the  Job Inserts Review screen. 

After selecting the blue " Add A Document" button on the Job Inserts Review screen, there will be a number of options to choose for that particular PDF you're uploading such as paper type, ink color as well as "staple set?". 

Keep in mind this  only affects the pages within the PDF being uploaded and doesn't apply to any other PDFs (inserts)  included in the mailing. If you have multiple PDF document sets that need stapling, you will need to click this for each insert. Each document set will then be stapled, but they will not be grouped together. If you need all of your sets stapled together into one document set you should combine all of your documents into a single PDF prior to uploading it. 

Stapled sets are charged at $.05 (5 cents) per sheet of paper in the stapled set.

If you forgot to click the "staple sets?" option, don't sweat it. You can simply locate the thumbnail for that insert on the Job Inserts Review screen, click the pencil icon at the bottom of the thumbnail, then choose the staple option.

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