Activity Reports

Use the Activity Reports page to see the activity within your LetterStream account for mailed jobs!

You can view your account activity for any date range, grouped in a variety of ways, specified by you.  This page can be accessed by hovering over My Account and then clicking on Activity Reports (if you don't have access to this page you'll need to have an Administrator give you access or run the reports).

The Start and End Date prompts allow you to specify the exact date range you are researching. Additionally, our grouping options allow you different ways to run your report. Grouping options include:

Do not group - which means every job will be listed out individually in the report.

1st 3 characters of Job Name - this allows you to embed specific account codes, department IDs, divisions or other factors into the first three digits of the job name for summary reporting.

1st 4 characters of Job Name - same as above, but 4 characters are utilized.

Bill To Label - in the event you are using the Bill To feature, you can summarize by this group.

Type of Job - this is the LetterStream job/mail type you select when creating your job.

Department - is the Department that users are assigned to on the Manage Users page.

Pro tip: you can also run a number of other reports using the search tool, located on the main dashboard page.

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