Modifying Coupon Mailings

When creating a coupon job, your coupons will show a section where there are 4 separate line items.  This allows you to essentially combine multiple payments into one coupon so that you don't have to do separate coupons for the same recipient.

You can choose to not use these line items as well.  If you choose not to, the additional line items will appear with zero extra fees.

On the screen within your LetterStream account called "Job Recipient List/Review", you will see a few option at the top, above the recipients.  One of those options says "Change Coupon Options".  It looks like this:

Click that link, and a window will pop up.  Here is where you can change your options.  By default, the options for the coupons line items will appear on the coupon as so:

Within the pop-up window, you can change the titles of the line items, as well as the due date (and even make your coupons reflect quarterly months if needed).  Not only does this allow you to put multiple fees onto one coupon, but it also allows you to communicate with the customer specific payments that are due.

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