Manage Your LetterStream Emails

A typical order through LetterStream causes two emails to be sent.  The first email, an Order Confirmation email, occurs when you successfully pay for a job on our website.  The second email, a Mailing Complete email, occurs when we put your job in the mail.  Both of these emails are sent out in relation to a "Job", not for every piece of mail within the mailing.

If you create a job for every letter you need to send, and you send 10 letters, you could possibly get 20 emails.  We'd recommend that you combine your letters into a single Job so you only get 2 emails.  One way to do this is to use our pdf tools (My Account - PDF Tools) to combine many individual pdfs into a single pdf file so you can load a single job.

Other emails related to your job:

Job Pending - you'll get a job pending email if you load a job but don't pay for it.  This email is designed to remind you that we can't work on your letter until you take further action.

Job on Hold - if you, LetterStream or someone in your organization puts your job on hold, you'll receive a Job Hold email.  This is to let you know that your job has been stopped in our system and it may need action from you to get it moving again.

Job Resume - when a held job gets taken off hold so it can continue through the production process, you'll get an emails like this one.

Emails related to other things:

New account email - if someone creates an account for you, you'll get an email explaining who we are and how to login to your new account.

Mailing Complete - you might get a similar email to this one if one of your coworkers or peers told us to notify you of a completed mailing.

Low Balance Warning - you could get this one if you or someone else entered your email address to be notified in the event that your prepayment balance falls below a certain point.

There are numerous other emails that our system might send out to you, but keep in mind, we only want to give you the information that you need or want to know.  If you don't like the collection of emails you receive or would like to get different information from us, you can customize your email settings within your account under the My Account page and the System Notifications page.

Why don't I receive "Job Complete" emails?

LetterStream sends out confirmation emails whenever a job is successfully loaded into the LetterStream website and charged to your account and then again when the job gets mailed (when we give your mail over to the USPS).

If you are not getting these emails it could be that what triggers the email hasn't happened yet.  If a job is loaded into the LetterStream website no emails are sent until the job has been charged to your account or moved past the check out process.

Some times users inadvertently Opt Out of these confirmation emails.  You can check this by going into My Account - Account Settings and examining the "Opt Out Email Setting".  If this box is checked, you won't get emails when a job is paid for or when it is mailed. To start receiving emails once more, simply uncheck the box.

Also make sure the email address associated with your account is spelled correctly.  You can double check this by going to My Account - Account Settings and examining the "Update Your Username or Email Address" area.

And, finally, this help article wouldn't be complete without reminding you to check your email filters, your junk email and your deleted email.

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