Sending Quickbook Invoices

QuickBooks invoices, statements, credit memos and more can easily be loaded to the LetterStream website for printing and mailing.

There are no setup fees or charges, you can simply create a free account, upload your documents in pdf form and we'll take care of the rest. The process is quite simple and we keep a record of all your mailings to help you stay organized.

Additionally, we can mail other letters, flat packets, overnight letters and certified mail, so we become your mailing operation; say good bye to forms, envelopes, stamps and trips to the post office.

To get started, we'd recommend that you modify your QuickBooks template to remove the box around the mail to/bill to address. It might look nice when you print them, but the boxes may interfere with the USPS high speed processing equipment. Removing the boxes will also make loading jobs to our website even faster.

  • Print or Save your documents to PDF files.
  • Log into the LetterStream website
  • Click on Send Letter(s)
  • Under the section "My recipient address(es) will come from", click on My Document

From there, our website will continue to walk you through the process.  If you get stuck or have questions along the way, feel free to reach out!

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