Refunds for Canceled Jobs

When a job that has been paid for is deleted (canceled), instead of immediately refunding the money to the credit card and then requiring our customers to go through the entire credit card check-out process again, our system automatically adds the funds to your LetterStream account as a credit.  These funds can be located within your account by hovering over My Account and then clicking on Billing Information.

If you would prefer that we refund the remaining funds back to your credit card, not a problem!  We can very easily accommodate that for you.  Simply delete the job (if not already done) then send us a quick email asking that the funds in your account be refunded to your credit card.  Providing the job ID(s) will make it easier for our team to identify the exact amount that needs to be refunded.

Please keep in mind that if a job is deleted prior to us starting any work on it, then 100% of the funds will be provided back to you.  However, if a job is deleted after we've already started to work on it then only a portion of the funds will come back to you.  If our website is no longer providing the option to delete a job then it's past the point of us being able to stop it from being mailed.

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