Is there a faster way to view all my signatures?

If you are asking this question, it might be because you are sending a lot of certified letters and you are sending one letter per job.  If you create your certified mail on this way, you will need to click on each job in order to see the status of each letter.

Update - 10.30.17 - You can now click on the Search Tab on the dashboard page, then click on Delivered Certified to see all the certified mail, across all your jobs, that was delivered in a specific date range.  If that doesn't help, see other options below. 

Alternatively you can put all your letters in a single job.  Doing so will allow you to click on one job name and see the status of all the letters in a single glance.  Then you can click on the signature links to see each signature.  Keep in mind, this only can work if you send all your letters on the same day.

An issue you might have with this method is that you can only upload a single pdf when using the Pre-Addressed PDF certified mail job type.  

The solution is to use the PDF tools under the My Account tab to combine all of your letters into a single pdf.  Keep in mind that all letters would need to contain the same number of pages per letter.

Another solution is to add a something to each address and use the Search tool to search for it.  For instance, if you are currently sending a lot of mail to PO Boxes, you can Search for "box" and every letter that you've ever sent to a PO Box will appear in the search results.  The search results also show the status of your certified mail as well as the signature link.  Sometimes users will add "(cm)" after each recipients name in the address area of their letter, (cm) meaning certified mail.  This method will allow you to see every certified letter that you've sent on a single page.

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