Fitting Your Addresses Through Our Windowed Envelopes - PDF PreFlight Tool

If you have a letter(s) in PDF form that already has the addresses on them, awesome!  That means you don't need to worry about adding the address in later because you can use our job type called PreAddressed PDF.  

However, depending on where the addresses are located, they might potentially not show through the windows of the envelops we use. (Also keep in mind that if your PDF has been scanned into your computer you can still use our website to mail it out, this article won't be of use to you.  You would need to use the Windowed Letter job type to mail it out.).

There are a few easy ways around this (and it is cheaper to have them formatted correctly), but if you would like to know how the placement of the addresses line up with our windows before you upload your letter for mailing, you can use the 'PDF PreFlight' tool within your LetterStream account.  (You also have access to quite a few different PDF tools within your LetterStream account in addition to this one.  Click here for more information about those).

Click here if you'd rather watch a video tutorial:

The PDF PreFlight tool allows you to see a sample of how the addresses in your letter will appear through the windows of our envelopes.  To access this tool, simply log into your LetterStream account, hover over the 'My Account' tab in the top navigation bar, then click 'PDF Tools'. On the My Account - PDF Tools screen, in the upper left section is the PDF PreFlight tool. Click the 'Choose File' or 'Browse' and select your PDF document. Once chosen, click 'Do Pre-Flight>>'. (If you'd like to see the preflight for checks or dimensions, you have some additional options available such as 'For Check Stock?' and 'Display Dimensions?'.)

For now, you only need to look at the top 2 windows in the upper left-hand corner of the sheet.

If your addresses fall within the green boxes, then you are good to go. However, keep in mind that the address appearing in the "TO" box should begin as high up and to the left in the box as possible. This allows for more address lines to appear in the box. 

Sometimes when viewing the 1st address page of the PDF using the tool, it's easy to see that the 3 line address fits in the box so it's easy to assume everything will be great, however, later on in the PDF you could have a 5 line address that falls far below the address area. Depending on the Job Type, this may cause the entire job to stop, or be billed for a cover sheet or it could cause the letter to be undelivered. As you know, if the postal clerk can't read the complete address it will be returned to you.

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