Address Errors/Warnings Page

If you have landed at the Address Errors/Warning page, here is some information that might help you understand why.

The Address Errors/Warnings page attempts to call out potential issues with addresses throughout your document.  You might arrive at this page if:

-  You selected the incorrect pages per recipient option on the previous page.  This option tells our website how many pages are going to each recipient throughout your document.
-  Our system does not find text or a valid address in the address area you have specified
-  The box was not drawn around the entirety of the address on the first page of your document
-  The box was drawn around text or images other than the address itself
-  Each recipient does not have the same amount of pages.  For example, if one recipient is getting three pages and another recipient is getting four, you will get errors.  Each recipient has to get the same amount of pages throughout your document.  If you have a document where the page count varies per recipient, you have to upload them separately according to page count (ie - recipients with three pages all go together in one mailing, recipients with 4 pages all go together in one mailing, etc).

Additionally, the indicated address(es) on this page may be correct, but not a typical structure. For example, if the street address does not start with a number (1234 Any Street) but begins with a name (Route 27) it may be a valid address, but our system is bringing it to your attention just add an extra layer of accuracy.

Another common reason an address might come up on this page is if there is noting included for the Street Address.  If that column of data is blank, you might want to review that recipient(s) address and verify that it's correct.

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