Address Errors/Warnings Page

If you have landed at the Address Errors/Warning page, here is some information that might help you understand why.

This page attempts to call out potential issues with addresses throughout your address list.  It's important that you review these because any that you leave in your mailing could incur International postage charges.  

Note:  You will have the option to remove these addresses after this page, so you can continue past the errors if you want, but be sure and review your addresses thoroughly prior to paying for your mailing.

Here are some situations that may generate address errors:

  • You selected the incorrect pages per recipient option on the previous page.  This option tells our website how many pages are going to each recipient throughout your document. Redo your mailing, selecting the correct number of pages per recipient.  Also make sure every document in your pdf file has the same number of pages per recipient.
  • Our system does not find text or a valid address in the address area you have specified.  It could be that you didn't put the address box over the address when you loaded your job.  Redo your mailing, making sure the box goes around the recipient address ares of your document. Along these lines, it could be that your pdf is locked, encrypted or is not a real pdf file and we are unable to extract your addresses.
  • The box was not drawn large enough to go around every address in your document set.  Sometimes 4, 5 and 6-line addresses appear in your data file but the box drawn around your recipient address is too small to capture these larger addresses.  Inspect your document set and try again making the address box a bit larger.
  • The box was drawn too large and has captured other text on the document.  Our address tool tries to include all the text that it finds within the recipient box.  If you draw this box too large 
  • The address format may trip up our extractor.  For example, if the street address does not start with a number (1234 Any Street) but begins with a name (Route 27) it may be a valid address, but our system is bringing it to your attention just add an extra layer of accuracy.
  • Make sure your addresses are complete with at least one Name line, at least one Address line, a city, a state (make sure it is two letters/characters) and a zipcode (make sure it is 5 or 9 digits).
  • And here is a weird one that we are aware of.  If you have a 5 digit unit/apartment number our system may think it is a zipcode.  The best way around this is to use a #sign immediately before the apartment number without a space in between.

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