Image Print Quality

It's not always easy to tell how beautiful your artwork will appear when we put it on paper, but here are a few things to keep in mind.  For starters, we have high tech, highly capable, excellently maintained equipment, so we won't let you down.  If you have fantastic images/documents/artwork, they will look even more beautiful when we print them.

If you aren't sure how fantastic your artwork is, here are some simple tests.  First, print your document to the printer on the desk beside you.  If it looks great on that printer, it will probably look nicer when we print it.  However, if the print looks a little fuzzy, or the images look foggy or pixelated, or you see speckles around the letters, the image will probably look even worse on our equipment.  Our machines tend to overemphasize the bad as well as the good.

If you don't have a printer to send your file to, simply open up your artwork and zoom in about 400%.  If your image still looks good, then everything we print will be just fine.

As far as what we prefer, bigger file sizes don't guarantee quality, but they have a greater likelihood to produce better results.  So we would like your bigger files. Some software applications will reduce the size of the image before emailing or texting it.  Try to email the high quality image or move files around with a dropbox-style application.

If you are going to scan in an image, make sure you place the image on the glass squarely and align it with the proper side of the glass.  Also scan the image in at the highest quality settings. 

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us for our professional opinion.

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