Adding Addresses To Your Address Book

If you have the ability to generate address lists in excel and upload them that way, then you may be better off doing that as opposed to using the address book.  While anyone can use the LetterStream address book, it is typically best for customers who don't have a large volume of mail to send out, but rather have only a handful of addresses that they need to send to on a regular basis.

There are a couple of ways to add an address (or multiple addresses) to your address book.  Keep in mind, the address book is really handy for keeping the information of addresses that you are going to be sending mail to frequently and would like to save the address information for later use.  Here are the two best methods:

Method 1 - Manually add a few addresses

If you only need to add a few addresses to your address book and/or you do not have all of the addresses that need to be added already in a .csv formatted list, then you will want to use this option.  Simply follow these steps:

-  Log into your LetterStream account, hover over the My Account option in the top navigation bar, and select Address Book

-  Click on the blue button that says Add New Address and fill out the information in the pop-up box.  Do this for all of the addresses that need to be entered into your address book

Method 2 - Importing multiple addresses 

If you have a .csv file with your address information contained in it, you can follow these steps to add all of the addresses in the file directly to your address book:

-  Start the job creation process by logging into your LetterStream account and then click Send Letter(s)

-  Enter a Job Name (this will be what your group of addresses will be called within your address book), and then select the option that says "Address List"  -  Upload the .csv file that you created, then click Continue

-  Map your header row to our labels then click the box next to "Add recipients to address book". Click Continue

At this point, your addresses have been saved into your address book, so you may continue creating your mailing or you may abandon it. You can access your address book by clicking My Account then Address Book.

Modifying Groups

You can also delete an address group by selecting the group and then clicking the blue Delete Group button that exists below all of the addresses within that group.

At this time, an existing group cannot be re-named.

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