Combining PDF Files

There are a lot of advantages to combining pdf files. Here are some of the reasons this might be helpful to you.

If you combine two 1-page pdf files into a single 2-page document, you can upload it for duplex printing and save a printed piece of paper.  This will save you a few cents and may also save you even more money if it prevents your letter from weighing an extra ounce.

If you have a lot of pages to upload for your mailing, you could combine documents that should be printed the same way so you only have to upload a single file.  Keep in mind, you should keep color documents separated from black and white in order to properly specify how you want us to handle the printing.

If you find yourself uploading a lot of jobs each day, in many instances you can combine all your mailing together into a single pdf and drastically speed up the process of getting your jobs loaded.

You might be able to think of other time and money saving strategies, so lets jump to how you might be able to combine your files.

There are a number of ways to group pdf documents together.

1) If using MS Word you might already merge a bunch of documents at one time, if so, simply export/save all the pages to a single pdf instead of multiple individual pdf files.

2) If you are building letters or pdfs one-at-a-time and saving them, many pdf writers allow you to save new documents to an existing file name. It should then prompt you to "overwrite"/"replace" or "append"/"add to". You want to choose to append.

3) If you are provided a collection of pdf files. You can use the LetterStream website and combine 10 of them together at a time. The tool is under "My Account" - "PDF Tools" - "Join Multiple PDFs".

4) If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro you can combine a large number of pdf files into a single pdf file.

We have other methods of placing multiple documents into a single envelope.  This may be combining secondary or following pages with the first addressed page or it may be grabbing all documents to a single person and placing them in a single envelope.  These are advanced options and can be toggled on for customers sending more than 100 documents in a single mailing.

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