Sharing Your Login Information

If you'd like to share your login information with someone you trust, you sure can if you'd like.  Keep in mind that they might have the ability to modify your account or mailing information as well as access important and potentially sensitive information.

If you feel the need to share your login, it's totally your call!  But if they are authorized to have access to your LetterStream account then you might consider creating their own login to your account.  There are many valuable benefits of creating individual logins, such as: 

  • If we need to reach you about your job, we'd like the most direct way to contact you so we can resolve the issue quickly and get your job out the door. We use your username/email address (and phone number if included) to contact you.  A shared email/login may prevent us from reaching you and prevent your job from going out on a timely basis.
  • If you place a job on hold to correct an issue, it shows that that you are the person that placed it on hold, allowing us to assist you quicker and more accurately.
  • When a job you create has been successfully printed and mailed, you are automatically notified via email by our system as such, allowing you to have up to the minute job status.
  • Using someone else's account will show that the mailing you created was created by someone else, even though you created it.  And the other way around as well.  If someone else uses your login to create mailings, those mailing will have your user name on them.

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