LetterStream User Levels

When creating accounts for other users within your organization, you can limit their access a variety of ways, providing you more control over user activities.

There are three different levels that you can assign:

Normal Account – a Normal user is a user that can only see their own jobs.  They will not be able to see any jobs that are created except for the ones created with their username/password.  A Normal user also does not have access to the following My Account sub-menus: Manage Users, Billing Information, Activity Reports and System Notifications

Management Account – a Management user has the extra ability to see the jobs of everyone else who creates jobs within the company account.  In addition, they have access to Activity Reports under their My Account sub-menu.  They can also release any jobs that are on hold within their account. 

Super User Account – a Super User not only has all the abilities of a Management User, they also have the ability to add new users to the company account.  They are also notified of important system messages in the event that LetterStream is unable to reach a user. A Super User Account has access to all the sub-menus under My Account.

For other items that can be determined for an account, search for Account Setting.

Note:  you might notice that one user within your account has a "primary user" tag.  There are no differences between the primary user and the super users other than to indicate who initially created the LetterStream account.

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