User Settings

When setting up new users, there are a few different settings you can choose beyond the User Type settings.  These include “View Only”, “Hide Financials” and “Auto Hold User Jobs”.  You can also give a user a new password here if they need one as well.

View Only – check this box if you do not want this user to be able to create, edit, delete or modify jobs.  This setting is typically used for someone in an accounting department role to be able to see and report on activity.  This setting is best used with a Manager user type.

Hide Financials – check this box to prevent a user from seeing invoices and prices.  As a result, checking this box prevents users from paying for their jobs even if money is available on the account.  In effect, this user will be able to load jobs on the LetterStream website, but they will not be able to complete the process of sending jobs to the LetterStream production department without someone else who is able to pay for the job.

Auto Hold User Jobs – this check box, when selected, will put a hold status on every job loaded by this user.  This prevents their order from being worked on by LetterStream until someone removes the hold status from the job.  The hold status can be removed by the person creating the job or anyone else who has visibility to the job.

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