Sending Anonymous Letters

It might seem like a good idea to hide your name and address from the person that you are sending mail to, unfortunately that is against our user agreement and we cannot process mail with a fictional return address.

We tend to believe that honesty is the best policy.  We will be honest with you and you can be honest with whoever you are sending your mail to.

Granted, there may be a time when a level of secrecy is needed, but if that is the case we recommend you mail you letter at a blue USPS drop box or at your local post office but please don't send your letter through our service.  We will probably end up putting it in the shredder.

You may wonder why we don't accept secret mail. The first reason is that we use a postal permit or indicia on our envelopes and in order to keep this privilege we are required to use a valid return address.  Additionally, we find that on rare occasions people who want to hide their return address are engaged in something suspicious and maybe a bit devious, and we'd rather not be involved in such activities.

It may be that you've been able to send letters through our service with fake addresses in the past and think you should be able to do it again.  However, we don't read the return address of all our letters but we do reserve the right to not process any that we find, so going forward please use a proper return address.

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