Can my old job data be purged?


There are a few different ways to purge jobs from the LetterStream website prior to mailing, but we refer to that process as deleting a job.  Please see the various help articles about "deleting" jobs.

NOTE:  Only super-users have access to this option within your LetterStream account so if you do not see this option in your account that means that you are not authorized to initiate the request.  Only super-users have access to this option and are able to submit the request.

This article refers more specifically to jobs that have already been mailed.  This process is called "purging" jobs and is about permanently eliminating the mailed documents from our website. However, the job metadata (date of mailing, the user who loaded the job, number of pieces, recipient names, etc.) is preserved. This process is reserved for customers who have mailed a minimum of 1,000 pieces of mail in total.

To start the purge process, log into your LetterStream account, hover over the My Account tab, click on Account Settings, in the lower-left area you'll have the option to request that we purge jobs after a specified number of days.  

The purge process, when fully active, will purge all of your old jobs and is generally used to comply with your security or privacy policies.

When you submit a purge request, the first part of the process is that we will email you a document that you must print out and sign, and then send it back to us (either via email or fax).  Once we have the document back we can initiate the purge process.

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