No Additional Fees

We do not charge any monthly or subscription fees. Creating an account is also completely free. We welcome you to set up an account and give our system a try. 

There are also no minimum mailing requirements. Send 1 letter or thousands, you will only be charged for the mail we produce on your behalf.

There is nothing to join and no membership fees.  Sign up and use our service as long as it works for you.

Note:  If you utilize the prepay option we do require that you fund your account with a minimum of $20, but 100% of those funds will be applied to your mailings, so it isn't an extra fee but rather a minimum amount that we require to place into your account.  Should you decide that you aren't going to need to use all of the funds that you've placed into your prepay account then we can certainly refund the rest of your balance back to your card that was originally used.

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