Address List Template

Note: LetterStream does not currently provide mailing lists.

There are a variety of ways our customers obtain/create their address lists.  We have included a sample address list that you can download and use to create your mailing list here:


We've also created some helpful hints to help you build your address list according to how our website needs them to be created.  If your file doesn't match these suggestions exactly, you can often still successfully load your address into LetterStream.  

1. Your address list must be saved as a "csv" file out of Excel
Saving it as a csv file is required.  If it is not saved as a csv file our system will not accept it.  

Tip:  A properly formatted csv file will have quotes (") around text fields, especially those that might contain commas. A csv file is a computer file format similar to .txt, .xls, etc.  Excel has a "Save As" feature to allow you to save your Excel file in a csv format.)

2.  Provide the following columns of address values in row one of your file:
Name, Name2, Company, Address1, Address2, CityStateZip (make sure the state are abbreviated to it's correct two-letter abbreviation.  ie - California would be CA, New York would be NY, etc.)

Tip:  Name2, Company, and Address2 are optional, the other 5 items are required. (If other columns of information are provided, that's fine, you can ignore them when you load your address file into our website.)

3.  Make sure there is only one address per recipient
If one recipient has multiple addresses, such as a mailing and a property address, you must provide two separate rows for each address.

Tip:  Provide the recipient's name information with the first name first, and then the last name second; not the other way around. (If you are not able to put the name in the correct order you have the option of replacing the FullName row with two separate rows: FirstName and LastName.  Keep in mind, we are not aware of delays or undeliverable mail if the last name is printed before the first on your mailing piece, we simply recommend putting the first name first.)

4.  You can have up to 2 name columns (such as FullName and FullName2, or First Name and Last Name).

Tip:  Make sure data is not replicated/duplicated in any fields (i.e. don't put a suite number after the street address and in the Address2 column)

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