Different ways to search your existing jobs

There are many different ways to search for your existing jobs. 

Using the search options at the top of the Dashboard page will allow you to search by:

JOBS: Search -> Jobs (o) 

In addition to searching by Job Type and Date Range, you can search the Job Name field for; Job Name or partial Job Name, Job Number or partial Job Number, Invoice Number or partial Invoice Number, Job Loaded by Name or partial Name, Job Type or Partial Job Type.

RECIPIENTS: Search -> Recipients (o) 

In addition to searching by  Job Type and Date Range, you can search the Job Name field for full or partial Recipient Name or Recipient Address, City, State, or even Zip Code.

CheckBox Options:

We have added checkbox options to show only delete jobs, unpaid jobs, and just your jobs.  We have recipient level checkbox options for seeing all Certified Letters that were delivered within a certain date range.  Or you can view just addresses where pieces were returned due to nondelivery (if you subscribe to our return mail processing).

Browser Page Search:

Another thing you can do is use the Page Find tool that is built into your browser.  Simply press (Ctrl F) to pop up your browser's find-on-page function. This is most helpful if all the data appears on one page. Our Dashboard only shows a limited number of jobs per page so make sure you are on the right page of data before using the browser's Find feature.

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