I just approved my job, is it too late for changes?

We try to allow changes up to the last possible minute, unfortunately, depending on the situation there may be extra charges.  These fees might be for printing of documents that we need to destroy, fees for shredding or even overtime for holding up other mailings to in order to pull your documents, etc.

The best thing to do any time you find that you have uploaded a file in error is to delete the job, or to place it on hold for review. Our production department sometimes processes jobs very quickly, so if you are not careful, we may mail the job before you determine how to handle it. In the event that we already printed and inserted the job before you delete it, we reserve the right to charge you for the printing, inserting and related supplies.

To place your mailing on hold or cancel it, log into your account and click "edit" to the right of the mailing, then select either "delete job", "stop and shred job" or "hold job".  Keep in mind, the options that you have will vary depending on what status your mailing in currently in.  If there is not "Edit" link then your job has been mailed and entered the mail stream.  It cannot be stopped or modified at this point.

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