Removing Recipients From A Mailing

If your mailing has not been paid for (or at any point before that), you can still remove recipients from your mailing.  If your mailing is in the shopping cart you will first need to remove it from the shopping cart by clicking the "remove from cart" before you can remove recipients:

If you have already paid for the mailing, then it is too late to delete a recipient from your mailing. However, at this point you can still delete the job and then load it again, remembering to remove anyone who should not be in the mailing.  If you have not gotten to the shopping cart, however, then you can delete any recipient(s) from your mailing.  To do this, click 'delete' to the left of the recipient(s) that you want to delete while one the "Job recipient/list review" page.

To get to this page, you can follow these steps:

1.  Hover over "My Jobs" at the top, and click on "View My Job List"

2.  Locate your mailing in the "Action Required" section, and click on the job name or job ID

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