Modify an Approved Mailing

You can make modifications to your job anytime prior to paying for it. If you've added the job to the shopping cart then you'll need to click "remove from cart" before you can make changes.

Once a mailing has been approved, however, it cannot be modified in any way. If you are concerned that a job that has been approved/paid for isn't accurate, you should try to place it on hold immediately by using the Pause Job option (click EDIT to the far right of it, then select Pause Job).

If the Pause Job option isn't available, it's past the point of being able to pause it. From there, if you determine that it isn't correct, you can attempt to cancel the mailing cancel the mailing by clicking EDIT and then selecting the Delete Job option.

Selecting this option will not incur any cancellation fees, as we haven't started to work on it at this point. 100% of the funds that were used to pay for the cancelled mailing will be automatically placed back into your LetterStream account and then automatically applied to your next mailing(s) within the shopping cart.

If Stop and Shred Job is showing instead of the Delete Job option, then it will incur cancellation fees to stop the job, as we've already used time and resources to produce the mailing at that point.

Why can't a job be modified after it's been approved?

Our website communicates this process upfront because there are a number of reasons why a job can't be modified after it's gone through the approval process and has been paid for.

First, the job proofs show what will be printed and mailed out, and then act as historical mailing data for you that can be referenced to see what and when something was mailed. If a job were to be modified after it's been paid for, the proofs that were already approved would no longer be correct.

Next, almost all of the mail we produce includes small barcodes and numbers. In short, this information helps us to be super fast and accurate. If we were to modify a document after it's been approved, that document wouldn't contain these vital pieces of information.

Additionally, our system creates an internal "work order" for our team that includes all of the job specifications and details regarding your job. Modifying anything after a job has been approved increases the risk that something could be produced incorrectly.

Another big reason is that because our system is automated, once your job(s) has been paid for and is in our production queue it will likely be combined with many other jobs that have the same specifications/requirements.

Simply put, there are far too many variables involved when it comes to modifying a job after it's been approved, which is why our system locks the job and doesn't allow any modifications to be made.

Therefore it's best to make all necessary modifications and adjustments to your jobs prior to approval and payment.

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