I just uploaded a job and approved it for mailing but I want to add an additional insert. What do I do?

If a job has been approved but you have hesitations about it being correct in any way, you should put it on hold immediately.  You can do this by locating the mailing in your job list (hover over My Jobs in the top navigation bar and select View My Job List.  If this option isn't there, you are already on the correct page).  Locate the mailing in question and to the far right of it you will see a link that says EDIT (if your job has already been mailed this will say VIEW).  Click EDIT, and select Pause Job

Now you can assess whether or not the mailing is correct.  If you determine that it isn't, you will need to delete the mailing and re-upload it.  You can delete the mailing by clicking the same EDIT button to the right of your mailing and select Delete Job (if we have already begun processing the mailing, this will say Stop and Shred Job.  This also means that processing fees will be applied since we have begun to produce the job).

Once you have cancelled your job, re-upload your mailing with the additional insert.

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