What happens when I delete an In Process job?

If you need to delete a job before we start printing or creating it, there is no charge for the mailing and any amount you paid will be refunded to your account.  You can find out what status your job is in by clicking "edit" to the right of your mailing.  If there is an option that says "delete mailing" then we have not processed it and you can delete your mailing for no charge.

If we already printed the job, unfortunately we have incurred some costs and will apply that to your account.  We won't however charge you for postage if the mail piece wasn't mailed.  When you click the "edit" link to the right of your mailing you will not see an option that says "Delete Job" but rather an option that says "Stop and shred job".

As for the printed documents, our procedure is to shred any document that we don't mail.  Therefore, your printed documents will be found and moved to our secure shred area for destruction.

You may request that we deliver any printed documents to you for you to dispose of as you want, but please note there will be shipping and handling charges for this service.

After a job has been deleted, if fees apply it will show up in your Mailing History with a Job Status of "shredded" instead of "mailed". On the other hand if you delete a job before we've done any processing, it won't show up in your Mailing History, instead you'll be able to find it under the SEARCH tab and clicking the check box beside "Deleted Jobs"

The secure shred fee covers the extra work of finding your exact documents and getting them into our secure shred area and then properly destroying your documents.

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