Filtering Addresses

You can filter the addresses within any mailing on the Job Recipient List/Review page by clicking the column headers for each column of data.  

A few benefits of this feature are:

-  Quickly sort addresses by any column in alphabetical order
-  Quickly see if there are any incomplete addresses that our system didn't catch (our system looks for basic information, so we always recommend that your addresses are filtered by each column prior to approving your job)
-  Easily see if any information is missing from addresses (see the second screenshot below as an example)

You can click on any of the column headers to filter by that column of information, but here are a couple of screenshots that illustrate filtering by the Name1 column and the Address 2 column

Both screenshots show the column of information in that column being sorted by alphabetical order (A-Z).  Keep in mind that if you click on the same header again it will filter the list in reverse alphabetical order (Z-A).

Also, note that in the second screenshot there is a missing field of information under the "Address 2" column.  In this case, that's probably okay because there might not be an address 2 field for that recipient.  However, this does illustrate how easy it is to find any blank fields that might exist on addresses that should not be blank.

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