Is there an easy way to let someone else know a job has mailed?

We've created an easy way for you to notify others of a job being mailed.  (You might want to do this as a courtesy to others even if they haven't asked for it.)

When creating a job on the website, during the first step of loading your job, there is a field called "Notify when mailed:" in the Additional Options area.  Simply enter the email address or addresses of those you'd like to be notified in this space.  Then make sure the email address(s) that you want to send a notification to are selected.  If the email address(s) are not selected in this box, an email will not be sent to them when your job has been mailed. 

From there, when we mail your job we'll not only send a "Mailing Complete" email to you (or the email address on file for the account you are using), but we'll also send an email to these additional email addresses saying that you wanted them to know that the job was mailed. If you forget during the job creation process, you also have the ability to add emails on the job list page under the Options column.

Another option, in the event that you want someone to be notified of every job you create, is to use our notification tool under System Notifications under the My Account menu.  This tool is great to send an exact duplicate of the emails to others in your organization. 

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