Why don't I get Job Complete Emails

LetterStream sends out confirmation emails whenever a job is successfully loaded into the LetterStream website and charged to your account and then again when the job gets mailed (when we give your mail over to the USPS).

If you are not getting these emails it could be that what triggers the email hasn't happened yet.  If a job is loaded into the LetterStream website no emails are sent until the job has been charged to your account or moved past the check out process.

Some times users inadvertently Opt Out of these confirmation emails.  You can check this by going into My Account - Account Settings and examining the "Opt Out Email Setting".  If this box is checked, you won't get emails when a job is paid for or when it is mailed. To start receiving emails once more, simply uncheck the box.

Also make sure the email address associated with your account is spelled correctly.  You can double check this by going to My Account - Account Settings and examining the "Update Your Username or Email Address" area.

And, finally, this help article wouldn't be complete without reminding you to check your email filters, your junk email and your deleted email.

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