Balance Information

Your account balance can be found by logging into LetterStream, hovering over "My Account", and then clicking on "Billing Information".

This upper left-hand section shows your account balance with three pieces of information; Current Balance, Less In-Process Amount, and Useable Balance.

The  current balance line shows you the grand total that you currently have in your account. This amount  includes funds from any jobs that are currently in production.

The  less in-process amount shows you the total amount of money that is being allocated to jobs that are currently in production (jobs that have been approved by you, but we have not yet mailed them out of our facility, in other words, we are still working on them but those funds have been assigned to those jobs).

The  useable balance is the difference between the current balance and the less in-process amount. Once we mail out any jobs that we are currently working on, the useable balance will become the new current balance.

As an example, if you have 10 jobs that are in production, those jobs make up the less in-process amount. Once those jobs are mailed, the less in-process amount will go to $0 and your current balance  and your useable balance will be the same amount..

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