Pause Job

If a job has been approved but you have hesitations about it being correct in any way, you should pause it immediately by using the Pause Job option.

You can do this by locating the mailing in your job list.  Locate the mailing in question and clit EDIT to the far right of it, then select  Pause Job.

If the Pause Job option isn't available that means we've already started to work on it, at which point you have two options.  You can either let the job continue to process as-is, or you can cancel the job completely by selecting the Stop and Shred Job option.  Keep in mind that you will incur cancellation fees if you choose this option, as we've already used time and resources to produce the mailing.

If the Pause Job option is still available, you can use it to assess whether or not the mailing is correct.  If you determine that it isn't correct, you will need to delete the mailing and re-upload it.  You can delete the mailing by clicking EDIT and then selecting the Delete Job option.  Selecting this option will not incur any cancellation fees, as we haven't started to work on it at this point.  100% of the funds that were used to pay for the cancelled mailing will be placed back into your LetterStream account right away and then automatically applied to your next mailing(s) within the shopping cart.

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