Credit Repair and Credit Bureaus

For those of you sending letters to credit bureaus, we need to make you aware of some concerns being raised by individuals who are also sending letters to the bureaus.

First, USPS mail delivery time has slowed down.  The headlines are everywhere about delays and fears of delays in USPS mail delivery times.  Typical delivery time for mail through the USPS is 3 - 7 business days for delivery of first-class mail and 3 - 15 business days for certified mail.

Second, bureau processing times may be delayed as the bureaus have been allowed an extra 15 days to process and respond to letters, giving them 45 days to act instead of 30.

Third, bureaus may not respond as well as they have performed in that past.  As of November 2020, the NCLC has submitted a complaint to the CFPB suggesting 13,000 complaints have been filed against the bureaus for lack of action over the previous 6 months.

A little background about LetterStream.  We simply print and mail the content that is provided to us.  We do an exceptional job at printing and mailing letters with nearly 100% of all letters submitted to us being mailed within 2 full business days.  Our advanced systems of internal letter tracking allow us to be certain that your letters mail quickly and accurately.  If we ever don't mail your letter you are due a full refund.  However, once letters leave our facility we are no longer in control of, nor can we take any responsibility for, what other people or organizations choose to do or not do.

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