How To Contact The USPS

Our amazing team is here and ready to help should you have any questions in regards to our products and services.  

Keep in mind, however, that we simply print your documents, place them into certified mail envelopes, seal them, and hand them over to the USPS for delivery.  Therefore we have limited knowledge in regards to what they do with your letters after we hand them off, as the USPS is completely in control of the delivery side of the process (unless you have access to our FedEx Business Products, in which case FedEx is in control of delivery).

We recommend reaching out directly to them with any questions about tracking information, delivery status, or signature availability.  If you sent your mail via Certified Mail, you will likely need the tracking number, so be sure to have that ready.  It can be found within your LetterStream account by clicking on the Job Name and then click the "Tracking" link to the right of the recipient.

We know they aren't the easiest organization to get a hold of, so here are a couple of ways we've heard of others having past success reaching them:

Contact the USPS by Phone:

1. Call (800) 275-8777
2. Select the option for "tracking a package" 
3. It will ask for your tracking number multiple times, but don't give them your tracking number. Once it is finished asking for your tracking number it should say "transferring to representative", which should get you to a real person

Contact the USPS by Phone or Email:

Click here for other methods of contacting the USPS.

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