Certified Mail - Supporting Evidence of Mailing

Sometimes Certified mail will go un-delivered. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, and hopefully the USPS does a good job of providing the details as to why a letter was not able to be successfully delivered.

Keep in mind also that the USPS doesn't guarantee delivery for certified mail, as they can't force anyone to sign and accept certified letter.  If they are unable to deliver a letter for any reason, there will not be a signature file available. In the same way, if you were to take your letters directly to the USPS yourself, they wouldn't be able to send back a physical green card for any undeliverable mail pieces.

With that said, we've listed several ways below that will help you show proof that your documents were indeed sent out through your LetterStream account.

  1. LetterStream Job Information - on the screen that shows a list of the mailings you have sent through your LetterStream account you will see a date/time stamp to the left of each mailing. If you hover over that it will also show you when the job was loaded onto our website, released to our production department, and then mailed out (given to the USPS for delivery).
  2. USPS Tracking Information and LetterStream Job Proof - the job proof within your LetterStream account shows the tracking number included on the letter. The USPS tracking information also shows the tracking number for that particular letter. So, both pieces of information have the same tracking number which allows them to correspond together which means the proof can be shown with the tracking information to see exactly what the USPS did with the corresponding letter.
  3. The USPS Signature File (As mentioned above, this option is only available if it was paid for and the letter was successfully delivered) - the USPS Certified Mail Signature File (Electronic Return Receipt, ERR) is the best way to show that the letter was not only sent out, but it also acts as proof that the letter was delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender.

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