How to re-size my PDF Page Size

Sometimes when saving a document, the PDF page size might be larger than our 8.5x11 paper type. The good news is there's a pretty simple workaround for it!

Please note that these options might not be available on all computers, but they do live in most modern computers running Microsoft Windows.

To find out the current paper size of your PDF document, simply open the pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, press Ctrl+D or File > Properties (Document Properties). The paper size will appear under the Advanced section. 

Below is an example of a PDF page-sized at 23.61 x 30.56 in.

A.pngIf the paper size is larger than 8.5x11 in, the best way to move forward is to re-save your file as a reduced-size PDF

To do this, simply open the PDF you wish to re-save, choose File then Print. In the print menu under the Page Sizing & Handling section, choose the following options:

  • Select the printer that is called "Microsoft Print to PDF"
  • Select Shrink oversized pages
  • De-Select Choose paper source by PDF page size

(see below)

After the selections are made, click Print, and you should be prompted to re-save your PDF and it should now be uploadable.

Of course, if you're not seeing these options on your end, please feel free to send us a screenshot of your Print Menu along with the PDF document and we would be happy to troubleshoot further.

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