Return Addresses

This article explains what a return address is, and why we require one for every mailing that we process, as well as advanced return address options.

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  • What is a return address?
  • Why do I have to include a default return address?
  • Can I add an image or a logo to my return address?
  • Can I use an international return address?

  • What is a return address?

    A return address is included in the mail so that the delivery company can deliver the letter back to the sender in the event that they were unable to successfully deliver it to the recipient's address.  The return address is sometimes referred to as the sender's address.

    Why do I have to include a default return address?

    Upon creating your LetterStream account and before paying for your first mailing you will be required to add a default return address.  This is because we must provide a valid return address on the mail we send out.  If you don't include a return address on your mailings, it could delay the delivery timeframe or the USPS may reject them.

    You do have the option to specify a different return address for any mailing that's created.

    Yes!  You can include an image along with your return address if you would like to.  This can be a small logo or image of your choice.  It's free to include an image that's printed in black ink, and $.15 per recipient for color.

    For more information on how to successfully accomplish this, click here.

    Can I an international return address?

    We are so sorry to say, but we cannot accommodate international return addresses at this time.  There are a few reasons for this, but the primary reason is because you pay for domestic postage.  But if the USPS has any issues with delivering your letter within the US it would need to return the letter back to you, which is outside of the US and therefore would require international postage which isn't included with the letters.

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