Sending Registered Mail


If you need to send a letter to an international address outside of the US and need to include tracking information, you may be able to send it via Registered mail through our website.


The cost to send a Registered letter is quite high, starting at about $30 per letter. It generally takes between 7–21 days to be delivered (possibly longer depending on location), and successful delivery and signatures are not guaranteed. Please also note that the tracking information can take some time to update with relevant information, especially if it's traveling far distances overseas and has to go through country-specific customs procedures.

The Registered mail product can be selected on the Job Start page along with the other available mail types. There are a few requirements for sending Registered mail through our website:


  1. Page Count
    1. Your total page count cannot exceed 15 total sheets of paper so that we can fit the documents inside a standard sized #10 Registered mail envelope. We cannot send Registered mail in a large flat envelope at this time.
  2. Return Addresses
    1. A valid US-based return address must be included on each letter.
  3. Recipient Addresses
    1. We cannot currently send Registered letters to US-based addresses at this time. The recipient address must be located outside of the US, and the destination country must also be included in the recipient address.

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