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Each employee within your organization should have their own login to your LetterStream account.  This article goes over how to create new user logins modify their accessibility levels and explains various user options within your LetterStream account.


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Adding Users

It's easy to add more users to your personal or company account.  
Simply hover over My Account from the top navigation bar, then select Manage Users.  On this page, you can add all the users you'd like.  Our system will automatically inform the user of their new LetterStream account and provide them with the information that they need to log in.  
For the password option, enter a temporary password.  When the user is notified that their account has been created we will require the new user to automatically update their password to one that they prefer.
In addition, you can set up different permissions for each user, including whether they can charge jobs to the company account or view the jobs of others users within your organization.

Removing Users

Removing a user from your account can only be done by an Administrator.  For Administrators, to remove a user from your account, simply follow the steps below:
Log in to your account

-  Hover over  My Account in the top navigation bar and select Manage Users (this page will be available to anyone who is set up as an Administrator within your LetterStream account).  From here you have the ability to add, edit, or delete a user

-  From the list of current users, locate the one you wish to remove and select the Delete link to the far right of the user's information

You will be asked to verify that you wish to remove the user. If you wish to proceed, click OK.
The user will then be deleted from your account and will no longer be able to log in.

User Levels

When creating accounts for other users within your organization you can limit their access to information in a variety of ways, providing you with more control over user activities.
There are three different levels that you can assign to each user:


This is a basic user that can see only their own jobs.  They will not be able to see any jobs that are created except for the ones created with their username/password.  A user also does not have access to the following My Account sub-menus:

-  Manage Users

-  Billing Information

-  Activity Reports

-  System Notifications


A Manager has all of the abilities that a basic user has, plus the ability to see the jobs of all other users within the company account.  In addition, they have access to Activity Reports.  They can also release any jobs that are on hold within the account.


An Administrator has all of the power!  Not only do they have all the abilities of a Manager user, but they also have the ability to add new users to the company account.  They are also notified of important system messages in the event that LetterStream is unable to reach a user. An Administrator has access to all the sub-menus under My Account, and they can request critically important features, such as the option to purge all of the data within the account or even close the account.

Account Owner

You might notice that one user within your account has an "account owner" tag.  There are no differences between the account owner and Administrator users other than to indicate who initially created the LetterStream account.

User Settings, Options, and Permissions

There are a few different settings you can choose beyond the User Type settings when creating a new user.  These options include “View Only”, “Hide Financials” and “Auto Hold User Jobs”.  You can also give a user a new password here if they need one as well.

View Only

Check this box if you do not want this user to be able to create, edit, delete or modify jobs.  This setting is typically used for someone in an accounting department role to be able to see and report on activity.  This setting is best used with a Manager user type.

Hide Financials

Check this box to prevent a user from seeing invoices and having the ability to pay for jobs, even if money is available on the account.  In effect, this user will be able to load jobs on the LetterStream website, but they will not be able to complete the process of submitting jobs to LetterStream production department without someone else who is able to approve payment.  If payment is attempted, they will be provided with this notice: "Your account is not authorized to approve payment"

Auto Hold User Jobs

When selected, this option will put a hold status on every job loaded by this user.  This prevents their order from being worked on by LetterStream until someone removes the hold status from the job.  The hold status can be removed by the person creating the job or anyone else who has visibility to the job.

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