When I try to load my file I keep getting errors.

There are a number of things that could cause this but here are some things to check. 

CSV files
Is the file you are uploading a csv file, meaning it ends with a .csv extension. If it is not, or if the website says it is not, then try to export the data file again. If you open the file with Excel make sure you don't save it while in Excel, not even saving it as a csv from Excel will work. If you accidentally do this, simply export a new file from your system. If the website complains that you don't have the right number of columns in the data file then there is probably a comma in one of the data fields that is causing problems. If you put a comma in the notes section or in a product description then it is likely that you will have problems uploading.

PDF files
If you are uploading a pdf file to a pre-addressed pdf job type and keep getting address errors, there are a number of possible reasons/solutions for you too.  The first thing we'd try to do is copy one of the recipient addresses out of the pdf file that you are working with.  If we are unable to copy an address, it might be because your pdf was not constructed from a native file.  In other words, if you scan a document to pdf, it will not work with this job type.  If you change the name of a file from .doc or .jpg or any other file type to .pdf, it won't work with this job type.

If you are still having troubles, please email the file to production@letterstream.com and we will try to help you solve any problems.

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