File Upload Errors and PDF Error Codes

There are a number of things that could cause this, but here are some things to check. 

PDF files

If you already have a PDF that has been generated and our system isn't able to accept it do to a particular error code, that could be the cause of a couple reasons.  Here are some questions to ask to help determine if your PDF is not upload-able for some reason:

- Does the PDF have any security restrictions on it, such as it being password protected?

- Does the PDF have any electronic signature fields in it?

If either of these are the case, it might be that the pdf isn't upload-able. If there are security restrictions on the document, the owner of the document could remove the restrictions.  Otherwise they could try to run it through a trusted third-party PDF software that would make it upload-able.

There are also a few different pdf repair and experimenting tool on the PDF Tools page of our website, under My Account.  You can experiment with these options but please review your document thoroughly before approving it in a job.  Some of our tools repair files but remove offending data or pages.

An error 3835 at this time is a critical error and is the result of corruption in your file.  Please try to recreate your pdf and try again.  You may also want to break a problematic multi-page pdf into small pdf documents and load multiple pages.  This will also help you narrow down which pages are causing the error. 

CSV files

  • Is the file a CSV file, meaning it ends with a ".csv" extension? If not, or if the website says it's not, try to export the data file again. 
  • If the file is open in Excel, make sure not to save it while in Excel, not even saving it as a CSV from Excel will work. If this file is accidentally re-saved out of Excel, simply export a new file from your system. 
  • If the website complains that you don't have the right number of columns in the data file then there is probably a comma in one of the data fields that is causing problems. If you put a comma in the notes section or in a product description then it is likely that you will have problems uploading.

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