Hide Financials User Setting

If you are receiving a message that says "unable to authorize payment", that means that the user(s) have the Hide Financials option activated for them, which means they will be unable to submit payment.  Here is a description as to what this option does:

Hide Financials – check this box to prevent a user from seeing invoices and prices.  As a result, checking this box prevents users from paying for their jobs even if money is available on the account.  In effect, this user will be able to load jobs on the LetterStream website, but they will not be able to complete the process of sending jobs to the LetterStream production department without someone else who is able to pay for the job.

The good news is this this can easily be turned off by the account owner on the Mange Users page.  Simply hover over My Account and select Manage Users.  Then click on Edit to the right of the user, and disable the Hide Financials.  From there, they should be able to see balance information as well as submit payment.

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