Lost or Stuck Certified Mail

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Does your Certified letter(s) appear to have been lost, or is it stuck in transit? We're so sorry to hear that.

We take our role of printing and mailing your important documents seriously, and we're so sorry if your letter(s) seems to have been lost or gotten stuck in transit. We've come up with some powerful next steps to take in order to get more information directly from the USPS.

What to do:

If your letter was sent to a company/organization, it could be that they have a different address that physical mail needs to be sent to. We see this happen quite a bit. Mailing addresses should be confirmed by contacting that particular organization directly or visiting their website.

  1. If you haven't already, read our blog post first. This goes over proper expectations, and can help to determine how the USPS might classify your letter(s) considering its current status and age.
  2. Navigate to the USPS address verification tool and double check that the address is correct and is listed in their system.
  3. Navigate to USPS.com and enter the tracking number.  Their website will confirm the most up to date tracking details. On that same page, if a signature was included, you can use the "Return Receipt Electronic" section to obtain an update directly from the USPS system regarding the status of the letter.
  4. Contact the USPS directly to see if they have any additional information regarding your letter, as we only have access to the same public tracking details that you can see.

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