Postmark Dates

The mail we produce does not include USPS postmark stamps/dates (also known as a time stamp), as we use a postal permit (also known as an indicia or endicia). More information regarding a postal indicia.

Our website does, however, provide you with various "event times" during our part of the process (such as when the job was created, when it was paid for, and when it was mailed).  This information lives within your account on the My Jobs page, just left to every job you've created.

To see all of the available LetterStream event times for a given job, simply hover over the date and time that's located to the left of the mailing under the Mailing Complete section.  Additionally, if you sent Certified mail through us you can also use the USPS tracking information to provide you with further updates after our part of the process has been completed.

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