Postmark Dates

Often times the postmark date is thought of as the date the post office prints over the postage stamp on the outside of the envelope.

There are two primary ways a date is applied to a mailing. First, a date would be applied if the postage on the outer envelope is applied by a postage meter. The postage meter machine prints the postage on the letter in red ink and generally always has a date in it. Second, a date would be applied by the USPS when they "cancel" a live stamp.  This cancel process occurs on every letter that has a first-class stamp on it.

Generally, there won't be a postmark date on a letter sent through as we use a postal permit, also known as an indicia. For more information regarding a postal indicia, click here.

If you’d prefer a date is not printed on your letter, you are in luck as we do not generally put postage on the envelopes in a way that a date stamp is needed.  On the other hand, if you really want a date on your letter, you could choose the option to have a live stamp added. Simply create the mailing within your account, then send us an email with the Job Number requesting we add a live stamp, and we’ll take care of that right away!

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