Perforated Paper Options

LetterStream has two options of pre-perforated paper to choose from for your statement and coupon mailings (Coupon Statements and 1/3 Perf).  In order to know which option best fits your need, we need to determine which perforation your statement is formatted for.

In your LetterStream account, you have access to a tool called the "Pre-Flight" tool.  This allows you to upload a document to see where the perforations for all of our perf paper options exist according to the format of your document.  To use this tool, you can follow these simple instructions:

1.  Log into your LetterStream account and click the "My Account" tab at the top

2.  Click the "PDF Tools" link.  Here you will find many different PDF Tools.  Locate the "PDF Pre-Flight Tool".

3.  Browse for the PDF you want to check and attach it

4.  Click the "Do Pre-Flight" button, this will generate a PDF

If the PDF did not automatically pop up, locate the download link within your browser and open it.

At the bottom, it will display the locations of the 2 different perforations that you can choose from.

There is also a lot more information displayed on this file.  Learn more about what the other notations mean.

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