PDF Tools

Within your LetterStream account, you have access to many different tools that allow you to manipulate your PDF file(s) in different ways.

You can join multiple PDF's, extract pages from a PDF, shift the contents on your PDF, and more.  The tools are available for you to use and will assist you in having correctly formatted files when you send mail through LetterStream.  The tools are also available for you to use outside of LetterStream purposes as well.  Here is a breakdown of the PDF tools you have access to:

PDF PreFlight - This tool provides a simple way to PreFlight document templates to make certain your submitted documents will conform to our envelope specifications. You may upload a file and we will return the first page of the file with our envelope specs over-layed for visual reference.  Click here for more information on this tool.

Extract Pages from Sets - Let's say your PDF contains 50 pages made up of 5, ten page sets. But you really need page one and two of each of those 5 sets. Upload your document using this tool. Enter the number of pages per set and the pages you'd like to extract from each set. For example, you would enter "10" as the pages per set and in the pages to extract field you would type "1,2". Or, if you just want to pull pages out of a PDF, leave "Pages Per Set" blank and enter the page range, separated by a dash (1-10) in the "Pages To Extract" field.

Shift PDF Contents - So you've got a PDF, but for some reason the content is not quite in the right spot. Upload it here and specify the amount, in inches, that you'd like it moved.

Convert Color PDF to B&W - Have a color PDF that you'd like to make Black and White?   This one is pretty straight forward.

Join Multiple PDF's - Have a couple of PDFs that you'd like to merge into a single PDF?  You can use this tool. As you select your files, they will show up in a list. Just keep adding as many files as you need, and in the correct order that you want them to appear.

PDF Cropping Tool - Ever need to crop out a section of a PDF? Using this form, you can upload your original PDF file and this tool will allow you to select an area to crop.

PDF White Out - When you have a PDF file that contains some unneeded content, you can use this tool to white out unwanted sections.

PDF Rotate - When you have a PDF file that needs the pages rotated, simply select your files and choose the direction of rotation.

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