Accessing Certified Mail Signatures

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Accessing Certified Mail Return Reciepts

Our website gives you the option to include an Electronic Return Receipt (aka; ERR, delivery confirmation, green card) for every certified letter sent through LetterStream.  If you paid for the ERR option, then you can simply log into your LetterStream account and access the signature files as long as the USPS has successfully delivered the letter and uploaded the signature to us by that point.

Here are instructions on how to view, download, or print the signature files for the certified letter(s) you sent out and have been successfully delivered by the USPS:

1.  Log into your account

2.  Once your logged in, click on the My Jobs tab located int the upper navigation bar

3.  Scroll down to the Mailing Complete sections and you will see a list of your mailed out letters

4.  Click on the job name you would like to view the signature file for

5.  To the right of the recipient(s) there will be an active link that says view under the signature column (as long as the USPS has made it available by uploading it to their database)

6.  Click that link to obtain a copy of the signature file via PDF

From there, you can save it, print it, download it to your computer, or just simply view it. You will always have access to it within your account

Return Receipt Not Available

If you are not seeing an ERR available for a certified letter, these are the possible reasons why, as well as what can be done:

1.  The ERR option was not paid for. Double check your invoice to make sure the ERR option wasn't removed.  If the ERR option wasn't included, the invoice will include a line item that says "No Return Receipt - Return Receipt Not Included".  If the ERR option wasn't paid for then the USPS will not provide a ERR for that particular mailing

2.  The letter has yet to be delivered. If the tracking information doesn't indicate that the letter was successfully delivered, then the USPS hasn't capture a signature for it.  Keep in mind that this is somewhat common, as the USPS can't guarantee successful delivery of every certified mail piece.  Additionally, we've observed mail delivery speeds slowing down in recent years, so we  recommend waiting up to 10 days before wondering if the letter will be delivered.  If it goes beyond 10 days, you can reach out to our team for some ideas or contact the USPS directly to see if they can provide some additional insight.

3.  The letter has been delivered. If the tracking information seems to indicate that the letter has been delivered and the ERR option was paid for, that could be the result of a couple different reasons.  The most common reason is that it can take a couple of business days for them to upload the ERR file to their servers, so if the letter was recently delivered then it's best to check back over the next couple days.  If it's gone beyond 2-3 business days and they still haven't provided it, the ERR can be easily requested directly from their website.  Simply click here, enter in the tracking number into the search bar, and then click on the tab that says "Return Receipt Electronic" and fill out the form.

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