LetterStream Mailing Status

This article explains LetterStream mailing statuses, not USPS delivery statuses.  For more information about the actual delivery of the mail sent through us, click here.

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As you create your mailings through LetterStream and we work to get them into the mail stream, they will go through our extremely powerful, automated, and secure processes.  They will enter different statuses as they go through our system and this article explains each status.  

When you log into your account you will see a list of your mailings.  The Job Status column shows the current status of each mailing project.

Under the Action Required section, you might see a Job Status of:

  • Please Review - this means a job has been started but has not made it through final proof review process.  Click on the job name or ID to continue working on your job, or feel free to delete it if you no longer need it.
  • Payment Required - this means that you have approved the job and it's now in your shopping cart awaiting payment

Jobs under the Action Required section are not in our production queue, therefore our Production Department is unaware of these jobs until they have been paid for.

Under the In Production section you might see a Job Status of:

  • In Production - this means your job has entered our Production Department but action has not be taken yet.
  • Now Printing - this means that your job is currently being printed.  If you delete your job fees will occur.
  • Mail Prep - this means that your job is nearing completion.  If you delete your job fees will occur.
  • Ready to Mail - this means your job is completely finished and is awaiting mailing.  If you delete your job fees will occur.

Under the Mailed section you might see a job status of:

  • Mailed - This means that we have completed your job and handed it over to the USPS, FedEx or other delivery agent.
  • Stopped - This means that you requested that your job be shredded.  We are working on removing your job from the production department in order to securely shred it.
  • Shredded - This means that we have successfully securely destroyed your job.

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